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Our Goal is to help people to achieve their Real Estate dreams to become a reality and educate them through the process of buying and selling 

Our Services

We provide professional real estate services in residential, commercial, invesment and property managment. We work together with mortgage brokers so in this way our clients would find averything in one place and have a personalyze experience.


We provide a very personolize and profesional service to our clients and advices them in order to get the best result either if they are selling or buying for the first time.


Whether you are looking for office space, retail store, warehouse or land, we will identify that property that will meet your necessity to start your business and that is important for us.


If you are looking to invest in real estate we can help you to identify that income producing property and analyze it and tell you if that property will give you the best return on your investment.


We know that managing a property could be frustrating specially if you are foreigniar we will manage and keep your property stable and take care of it we know how important it’s for you.

Professional Team

We are happy and proud to be Florida licensed in Real Estate, Mortgage Loan Originator and Property Managment in order to bring you the best and professional services.

Carole Gardoncini

Carole Gardoncini

Real Estate Broker

Bonjour. Hello my Name is Carole Gardoncini  I am from a beautiful City in South of France call Nice,,, yeah like a nice,  I live in Miami FL and I am a Real Estate Broker, founder of The Nice Realty a company that provide professional real estate services. I am also Licensed  Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) and General Contractorctor, so I have a broad knowledge in the industry, in this way we are able to guide you and advice you whether you are looking to buy, sell or get financing.

Juan Carlos Guzman

Juan Carlos Guzman

Realtor Associate

Hello there ! My name is Juan Carlos Guzman  I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I am a Realtor Associate providing real estate services in Residential and Commercial, I’ve been living in Miami for the last 14 years and I love this City as much as I love my home City. If you are a foreigner, first time home buyer, or selling your property and  you’re in the  search of a professional that will help you educate you and guide you through the process of  buying and selling  a property.

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We want to provide you with great and relevant content about real estate that will help you to take the best decision when it comes to sell, buy or rent your home.

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